phpRealty software

phpRealty is a real estate / realty listings software program built simple! It is easy to manage and easy to use. This software is for Realtors, Listing Agents or just anyone in the real estate / realty business. Manage your Real Estate Listings on your website in seconds.

phpRealty uses PHP/MYSQL and it is has a template engine so you can change the complete look by making your own templates.

phpRealtyphpRealty version 1.0b is HERE!!!! Large changes have been made and you cannot upgrade from v 0.05. This version makes it more of a CMS allowing you to make pages and apply templates on the fly, from the manager. It also allows you to make snippets and chunks/blocks to be used in your code and templates. Please see for some tips for how to use the system, it is based largely on the Etomite CMS.

Currently phpRealty is free (open source). We offer a charge to people, businesses to install it on their servers or to make a custom design for the system.

Note: We are currently not developing phpRealty at this time, as the code (javascript), is outdated. We are currently working on another project, etoFork, that is a CMS based on etomite CMS. We are hoping to convert the basics of phpRealty to a module for the CMS. Watch for updates.