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  • VERSION 0.05 IS HERE!!!
  • MyPageFlip v1.0 - Flash online magazine
  • Looking for a couple of Developers

My status



This demo runs the newest v1.0b (beta) release of phpRealty and has many changes. For someone looking to have a versitle software, this is the way to go.

Requirements for v1.0b: same as v0.05


Version 1.0b Demo

Manager Login

username: admin
password: phprealty

v0.05 demo runs the latest phpRealty v0.05. We will be resetting the database every day. The New version contains security updates to variables that pertain to file injection. All config variables are constants. Please see the changelog.txt file for changes.

Requirements: phpRealty v0.05

  • Linux Server
  • MySQL >= 4.01
  • PHP >= 4
  • FTP client


Version 0.05 Demo

Member login:
username: admin
password: phprealty

MyPageFlip v1.0

This is a software that was built by Macc at IpariGrafika (, enhanced by Steve Palmer at and again by Brian Norman at This is a flash Page Flip engine that allows you to create online magazines or books. It's a relatively small file so if you have a cable or broadband connection, you should be able to download it easily. See below for demo.

I've currently been working with it and enhancing it more to fit my needs and I've created a PHP configurator and setup builder.


Version 1.0 Demo Edition

You can purchase MyPageFlip Engine and Configurator for $20.00. I am not selling the original flipping engine just my enhancements and my converter/configurator. Once you have purchased the software you will receive an e-mail with the software.

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