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My status


phpRealty v1.0b - This is the newest version of phpRealty with huge changes. YOU CAN NOT UPGRADE FROM VERSION 0.05

phpRealty v0.05 - This is the current release of phpRealty. This update contains security updates.

Spanish Language - This is the spanish language file include.


Old Downloads - This is a fix to the empty listings bug. You do not need this is you downloaded phpRealty v0.023.  

phpRealty v0.022 - version 2 of phpRealty. It is highly recommended to upgrade to this version. This is the new beta subversion release after the search listings page layout and listing limit fixes, and also fixes the cookie admin login issue.

search.tar - This is the fixed version of the manager/static/search.php script that has the fixes from the search listings page. This is a fix to version 0.02. You do not need this fix if you downloaded a version >= 0.021  

bugfix001_v0021.tar - fix for version 0.021 that addresses the admin login area. Just unzip the file and put your database information from the original file into the new file and then upload it to your server.

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