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Install instructions

  1. Download phprealty source file
  2. Unzip file to the directory where you will have phpRealty located
  3. chmod 777 the assets/images directory and the files located within
  4. Create a database and assign a user to the database. With phpMyAdmin
    this is a sinch. :) Import the assets/phprealty.sql file into the database.
    1. UPDATE: if you have v0.03 you can just run the installer after creating the database
      to run the installer use this method: install folder/installer/
      there is an install.txt file with instructions in the install directory.

  5. Open the manager/includes/ file and edit the database
    information section to match your database configuration. Most of the time
    you will only need to edit the $database_server, $database_user, $database_password
    and $dbase variables. Edit the $WWW, $REL, $TEMPS, $WTEMPS and $SITENAME variables.
    1. UPDATE: if you have v0.03 also edit the $LANG variable to reflect where your language file is located
      default is templates/languages/ your language file.
  6. You can now go to your site where you have phpRealty such as . You can now login with username: admin
    password: phprealty. Once in the member area you can change the password.
  7. ENJOY and start adding listings.


You can create your own template by just changing the pages in the default
directory to reflect your new layout.
You must leave in the <!-- --> sections of the code, like <!--listings-->
because they are what gets replaced with the dynamic content.
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